2011 / 2012
Lecture Performances / Triptych
42' / 20 x 15 x 3 cm each
a BTC that is no BTCtriptychfloppy with wallet.datintroductionexplanationfind the blockblockchaineverybody wants to be rich - even the punks.there is no source!tell everybody about your transfersbitcoin is safe. users are stupid.donation of 20 BTC to live streaming media group at occupy wallstreetresponse from the audienceend

Bitcoin is a virtual currency using decentralized peer-to-peer networking. It combines characteristics of cash with those of international electronic transfers. The network is built by the computers of all the participants, who run the free open-source software Bitcoin client.

Bitcoin – a performance of the global currency system
Lecture performances 2011/2012

From and with: Brigitte Dätwyler (artist)
Guest expert: Johnny Nia (programmer)

This lecture brings economical and financial issues into the art context, where they encounter values and attitudes which are in principle not unsimilar to the questions arisen by the digital currency. While transparency on the functionality of BTC is established, it becomes more and more clear that the mathematically logic and economical knowledge can only be imparted to a very small part of the present company.

Bitcoin I - III
Framed Bitcoin, digital photo frame and framed floppy disc

Coin: one Casascius Bitcoin of limited fan edition from, Inc.
Slideshow: PowerPoint presentation for the performance Bitcoin – a performance of the global currency system
Floppy disc: contains wallet.dat with 20 BTC from the artist's Bitcoin client