Installation with laptop and sound
3 x 7 x 3 m
YouTube PlaylistEntranceDeadbeat's cornerDeskView from bedBedLoveletter

The spectator is forced to violate the privacy of a young citizen as he enters the exhibition rooms: the staged room of a male teenager forms the gate to the exhibition.

Furnishings and equipments appear animated and untidily rifled through: there's an opened laptop on a desk, signalizing availability. There's a punching bag hanging from the ceiling, dangling unsecured above the bed. Above a white sofa, there's a graffiti embellishing the wall. It reads "HipHop f.t.p.".
By combing through the room, a huge variety of details can be discovered. All things put together, they form a kind of psychological apparatus of the absent resident.
How do we see "the teen"? How does the media influence our perspective on teens? How do they see themselves? In what way and to what extent does the transference of constructed identity influence one's perception of a social role?

The YouTube Playlist playing on the computer can be watched on:

This collaboration of Anet Hofer and Brigitte Daetwyler was realised with the help of Karolina Braegger, a 14-year-old grammar school pupil from Zurich.