Hier aktuell

2008 - 2010
5 iMacs, Internet connection, 2 PHP scripts on server, Flash application (25 fps), socket, 159 stiched portraits
250 x 40 x 40 cm
InstallationPhotographs attachedStiched peopleWriting and objects5 screensSize screens 1 and 5Size screens 2 and 4Size screen 3Detail

These heads are material, medium and message at the same time. They're font and image, figure and messenger, form and content. What is the status of news in the net? Who is communicating what and for whom? What is personally relevant, what insignificant? What are news - in contrast to information?


Original footage:
photographs taken from 10 photographers of the artist's social network and herself. 10 of 12 cameras were distributed with the task to portray family and friends. The 159 potrays had been stiched on with polyester thread (ca. 200m per picture) and torn out of the photograph.The approximately 5x5x3 cm sized objects then were arranged to letters, numbers and special signs and photographed digitally. These figures were cropped in Photoshop.

Programming (Johnny Nia):
A server asks every 15 minutes the newest headlines from online local newspapers (regionally adaptable). It chooses the five current news and passes them on to the five computers. Each computer calculates its videoclip with the informations given by the server in Flash. The headlines are now running from the right to the left in variable sizes and tempos whereas the respectively next monitor to the left starts to show the clip as soon as the previous one to the right reached the edge of the display: A ticker with local news is shown.