In Search Of Coherence

Two part installation
view from the entranceliving roomhome: tvstill: poster for a fly on the wallstill: on-site inspectionthe expertsstill: opening sceneislandsecond part: cratessecond part: press releasesecond part: view from the entrancecrates and rollscrates with framed press releasebubble wrapped sculptureframes and boxes

Part 1: carpet, sofa, two armchairs, coffee table, orchid, doily, bench, TV, HD video 35', 320 x 400 cm
Part 2: press release 'A Fly On The Wall' A4 framed, various crates, rolls and boxes, museum barriers, 200 x 400 cm

From and with the artists: Andy Storchenegger, Brigitte Dätwyler, Colin Guillemet
With the curator: Nadine Wietlisbach
And the experts: Jacqueline Burckhardt, Giovanni Carmine, Sabine Schaschl

The fake documentary about the fictive exhibition 'A Fly On The Wall' is shown in a living room setting. The installation of the domestic island in the white cube plays with ideas about the home of the artwork and the circumstances in which such a documentary is being watched. The movie documents the artists and curator involved while realising the exhibition and accompanies them from the first idea to the opening.
The second part of the installation consists of a press release about the elsewhere documented exhibition plus a cluster of artwork packaging, all of which is empty. The press release has been put together from existing articles and statements of real exhibitions.

The figurative and actual wrap-ups of both installations are dealing in a very different way with notions of often paradoxical understandings of what artists do and how it is being communicated: on the one hand the materialised form of a finished product and on the other hand the rather artificial staging of a making-of.