Just what it is [that makes today's iconography so different, so appealing].

iPad, 8 international women's magazines, cord
30 x 21 x 25 cm / 18‘, Loop
stacksettingwipingclose uploop

Just what it is [that makes today‘s iconography so different, so appealing]. is a video sculpture consisting of a stack of international women's magazines from summer 2011 and an iPad on top of it, all of which are corded together.

The iPad is displaying a video in which the artist is leafing hectically through the very magazines. She pauses whenever an advertisement for cosmetics is shown. She then strokes and wipes the faces. When all magazines are worked through, the process resumes.

The sound of the video sculpture pervades the room with a rhythmical turning the pages that is interrupted by squeaking and abradant noises now and then.