Paraphrasing Mum

Installation with set parameters
Two boxes, 79 x 79 x 19 cm each
Mum's boxMy boxMaterial Käthy DätwylerMaterial Brigitte DätwylerDetail Box 1Detail Box 2Detail Box 1Detail Box 2Detail Box 1Detail Box 2Box 1 by nightBox 2 by nightInstallation Box 1Installation Box 2

For Paraphrasing Mum I invited my mother to design one of two boxes situated next to each other at a promenade in the city of Schaffhausen. Käthy Dätwyler is the manager of a small shop and in this position also responsible for the decoration of its windows, for which she received several prizes.
Artist and decorator had an equal amount of time, material and money for the box design at their disposal.

Each specific understanding of aesthetics follows a certain set of benchmarks when being looked at and therewith utters itself in very different ways. To comprehend different aesthetics as artistic practices they need to be dealt with consistently.

Concept: Brigitte Dätwyler
Box 1: Brigitte Dätwyler
Box 2: Käthy Dätwyler

- Free choice of material in an edition of two, CHF 50.- max.
- Provided tools: Paint, wood, nails, thread, wire strap, glue
- Timeframe: 4 hours
One day before the opening we met at my studio and learnt from each other which material we have to use in the box.