Pleasure of Experience

Interactive videoinstallation (application in Processing, terminal, projector, spots, activespeakers)
3 x 5 m, 6'
performance boothentranceinsidestart screenterminal with mouseintroduction: hi, I'm Brigitte!introduction: ...and my name is Boris!interface: tutor choiceBoris, step by step: clothingBoris, step by step: warm upBrigitte, step by step: warm upBrigitte, step by step: endlights on!webcam on!projection on!video layersperformance situationvideo layersend of tutorialinterface: upload yes or no?interface: upload yesentering email addressscreen: byecardif Brigitte: email to the userproject website: videoproject website: overview


Pleasure of Experience is a performative installation that includes the project website as its central point. Whereas the installation itself is more of a studio than an actual installation, the piece can only come to life through the interactions of its spectators during exhibitions. The installation can be understood as a performance booth, where visitors are at liberty whether or not to comment on the input they're given by performing a response. Whenever data is uploaded the project website changes and is therefore constantly transforming when exhibited. The videos shown at are all performances of visitors to the exhibition.

The installation presents itself as a closed room. In this privacy the spectator is greeted at the computer terminal by Boris and Brigitte. The two present themselves as tutors for Body-Art. The spectator gets to choose one of the tutors and is prepared for his performance experience step by step.


Performance: Brigitte Dätwyler/ Boris Brüderlin
Programming: Johnny Nia
Graphics: Yves Zumstein

The source code of the application, the cron scripts and the Drupal module can be found on GitHub.