Pleasure of Experience II – Box and Results

Variable dimensions
overview with box and cover, projection, benchthe box to carryinside the box: back of the roominside the box: front of the roominside the box: front of the roomoverviewperformance exampleoverviewperformance exampleperformance exampleperformance exampleperformance exampleperformance exampleperformance example

50 x 50 x 83 cm
Dispositif of the installation «Pleasure of Experience», 1:6 in scale

28 performances from the installation «Pleasure of Experience», 2‘13‘‘ each
Single channel projection, 4:3, coulour with sound, looped

Concept and Production: Brigitte Dätwyler
Performers: Brigitte Dätwyler / Boris Brüderlin

The box - a portable crate with cover - displays how visitors are navigated through the room «Pleasure of Experience» and animated to become active themselves. Performative experiences are produced and consumed mainly through the internet in the privacy of homes nowadays. This is a fundamental difference to the publicity of an artwork.The performance booth is a private room to be used or not. The box pursues this thought: It's equipped with home technology and represents puppet house, travelling circus and flux kit at the same time. 

Performance Art is only distinguishable spatially from the multiplicity of online videos in which people stage themselves. Body perception and visuality interact with each other and are a widely researched area in Performance Art, concerning the problematics of documentation. Voyeurism and exhibitionism have become banal by digitalization and yet every reaction is individual.

These reflections led to a representation of a selection of videos back at the museum. From the until now in total 258 published performances 28 videos were chosen.