Thank You For Your Message

Sound installation with porcelain casts, swivel chairs, piezo elements, amplifier, playback device
4 x 4m

Dystopic office items occupy five swivel chairs and their surroundings. Underneath some of the porcelain casts there are piezo elements attached. They amplify the spoken words, a meditation for better sleep and deep rest. The fragility of the material produces a rattling, brittle acoustic color. Listen to the sound here.

In an increasingly digitized world of labour, our work environments are more and more interchangeable. Items we use in an analogical and sensual way are bound to disappear. Noises and touches are replaced by synthetic and virtual surfaces. The way we work is more mobile and flexible than ever.
Employers balance these updated requirements for employees by offering courses in stress resilience and for an optimized work life balance - for example with meditation and yoga. Many corporations care about health prevention and try to keep the productivity constantly high. 
Thank You For Your Message examines the reciprocal effects of these phenomenons from the business world.