The Monster In Me Is The Monster In You

frames, photo mounts, colour photographs, drawing paper, pencil and miscellaneous techniques
27 framed collages, 29.7 x 21 cm each
clever and beautifulcurious and kinkysweet and ambitiousstrangetalkativealcoholicperfect

Handicraft work of the artist as a housewife

Original footage:
photographs taken from 10 photographers of the artist's social network and herself. 10 of 12 cameras were distributed with the task to portray family and friends. The faces had been stiched on and torn out of the photograph by the artist. The rest of the papers showing only the bodies and surroundigs of the portrayed people were used to create the collages.

A frame in social theory consists of a schema of interpretation, that is a collection of stereotypes, that individuals rely on to understand and respond to events.