10 Jahre Freundschaft

Projector, video camera, Mini DVs, four spots, camping table, two office chairs, warderobe, various props
entrance video: titleunpacking the propslocking lipsduring reading of Anetcouple's therapyon the couch quarrelingvegetable fingers: you call this a meal?amusedif with art it doesn't work out, you can get a babyfumbling through tapesplaying tambourine and with water from Gangesthe director with Anet and the fancy cakeeating cake and watching videosnamaste

During 20' the audience witnesses the encounter of two artistfriends. In these 20' they're working on putting up a meal with the intention to eat it together, which they partly also do. While doing so, they are watching video tapes from their common private archive and are more or less commenting on them by deeds and words.

This retrospective of Anet Hofer and Brigitte Dätwyler does not refer to a common oeuvre, but to the circumstances of their encounter at Lucerne School of Art and Design, to the differences of their understanding of Art and to their friendship's performative experiments. In the performance, the videos stand for these aspects in a figurative manner. The performers fish them out of their accumulated video footage and put them on display over the screen.
With this investigation of the relation between Art and friendship the performer's handling of the medium video is given priority formally. Thus, queries with regards to content arise, as to the performativity of an encouter; the separation between Art and life is elaborated and performed simultaneously: How authentic can one act in the presence of a camera and on a stage?