Abenteuer. Performance. Kunst.

Four performative proposals for an online store

Available products:
> Instant Messaging: 30min chat on Whatsapp (edition of 5, 65 CHF each)
> Videocall: 30min on Skype (edition of 2, 120 CHF each)
> Afternoon coffee: 1h at a place of your choice in Zurich (edition of 2, 200 CHF each)
> Dinner: 2,5h at a place of your choice in Zurich (edition of 1, 600 CHF)

Buy here: http://editionparadise.tictail.com/product/sofortnachrichten-chat-30min-per-whatsapp

Edition-Paradise is a platform and an online shop, where exclusively produced offers by artists and designers are sold ad hoc. My propositions are uniquely individual performance services: Potential clients or rather audiences are offered four forms of encounter whereat the more personal the more expensive an interaction gets.
Verbally and visually the performances are being promoted similarly to the profiles of dating agencies on the Internet.

Photographs: Valentina Suter
Edition Paradise: Valentina and Olivia Suter