Art Is A Fashion Victim

Performance and Installation at Sotterranei dell‘Arte, Monte Carasso
SettingRound one: BurkasRound two: SkirtsRound two: SkirtsRound three: PantsRound three: PantsRemove!Round four: Skinny legsRound four: Skinny legsRound five: LabelledInstallation view frontInstallation view backDetailLight box

„The world of fashion and consumer is Queens of Evil’s preferred playground for investigation. With their actions “ladyterror” they amuse themselves in subverting it. The three artists favour a feminist style of activism to overturn, in an ironical and warlike attitude, the myth of the woman as an object, merrily applying it to man. As a matter of fact, their fashion show characterized by a neo-punk aesthetic are interpreted by male models under the order of the three queens. In their criticism of the consumer they included the world of contemporary art, still largely dominated by a male chauvinist ideology.“
Boris Magrini, curator Sotterranei dell'Arte  

All text is based on excerpts of VOGUE Magazine. The word "Fashion" has been replaced by "Art".
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From and with Queens of Evil:
Mirjam Aregger (performance, costumes)
Brigitte Dätwyler (performance, costumes, concept, direction, production)
Tatjana Janouschek (performance, costumes)

Pius Föhn
Matthias Gasser
Mateo Kreienbühl
Philippe Kummer
Samuel Mosimann
Johnny Nia

Matthias Hofer

Dominik Gehring
Tobias Kaufmann