episcope, projector, laser pointers, computer, flyers, books, sun glasses, oil, glitter
academic setting in auditoriumetymology of the word aulaour auras before and after a week of pimpingpopular photoshop filters to increase aurareading Merschthe digital and the analoguesitting in warm and cold lighttouch the equipmentthe setting at the end

In Aulazona the format of a lecture performance is being questioned on the basis of the term 'aura'.
In a conventionally academic setting with episcope and projector the two performers begin to elaborate on the term by their personal experiences and research materials. While their actions become gradually more performative, the level of content grows more abstract and leads to a reading of Dieter Mersch's Aura und EreignisThe transformation of the term from an esoteric to an art theoretical understanding therewith stands in opposition to the formal development.

Again this collaboration with Anet Hofer is also addressing our different understandings of art production and where these differences emerge (cf. 10 Jahre Freundschaft). In the performance these aspects are represented by the analogue and digital equipment whose auras are investigated media theoretically.

This performance lecture was the opening contribution for the festival 'PPP' held in the auditorium (Aula) at Progr in Berne.