Flyers, artist, camera crew
variable duration
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In co-production with Swiss television the filmmaker Antonia Meile is working on a documentary about three young female artists whom she accompanies during one year. I am one of the artists and used this fact to address questions concerning the values of cultural production and attention.
The performance consists of a text and talks. The text informs about my not working on the occasion in question and motivations for doing so. It declares the absence of the performer and mere presence of the artist figure. Additionally, people present have the opportunity to talk with me or witness me talking to Antonia Meile about working and motivations for doing so.
During the occasion I am being followed at every turn by a camera man, a sound technician and the director. People who talk to me may become part of the documentary about the artist. There is no other documentation on the project except for what will be shown in the movie.

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Text: Brigitte Dätwyler
Performance: Brigitte Dätwyler, Antonia Meile & crew