Die visuelle Herrschaft

Performance at Kunstmuseum Baselland, Muttenz
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Die visuelle Herrschaft is based on three parts which refer dramaturgically to the porn production "Performers of the year 2008":
In the first part the spectator is listening to an interview in which the performer is answering questions concerning her life in general and in the business. Meanwhile, the artist is getting ready to perform.
In part two the spectator is shown what the performer has to offer. The artist takes the cam in her hands and creates a rather explicit dance in front of the camera.
In the last part the artist is reading ten theses regarding the one-sidedness of the vision. During the artist's reading a film is showing pictures produced by females. In the run-up to the performance three cameras were distributed with the task to film naked men with an erotic perspective on their bodies. The three filmers were completely free in their form of realisation.

During the whole performance the setting takes places on two halves of the stage: In the left half of the stage the artist is performing while in the right part there is a projection on the wall.

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Concept/technical and performing realisation: Brigitte Dätwyler
Oeil éxterieur: Boris Brüderlin
Speakers interview: Brigitte Dätwyler und Boris Brüderlin
Texts: Brigitte Dätwyler
Music: Swayzak „Mysterons“
Camera: Kim Dang, Anet Hofer, Sandra Oehy
Performers: anonymous
Editing: Brigitte Dätwyler