Groupthink for Introverts

performative workshop

Groupthink for Introverts was a workshop for participants of the symposium Uncertain Identities at Haus für Kunst Uri. I invited the participants to consciously take and hold their place in the group and to work collectively on the relationships in art by working on themselves and thus on the group. To this purpose, a set of short tasks had been worked through, which could help the participants to realize their personal limits and limitations. Finally, each participant positioned himself in a group portrait, which we fictionally formed around the sculpture of William Tell. I've shown the resulting image to a specialist in systemic constellations and asked him, which group identity is visible to the outside world.

Feedback from the systemic constellation expert:
"Mutual mirroring is relatively common in this group, but it remains hidden who copied who - and in spite of the nice dynamic triangular arrangement of the group, I do not have the impression as if the group has a common goal. There are dominant and very timid participants, the interaction with outsiders is not easy for everyone. Half of the participants seem approachable because of their body language and their expressions. The other half seems rather unpresent and closed up. This is a heterogeneous group that oscillates between company portrait and stage production."