GRWM For Performance

video performance for online event, Helsinki and Zurich

Together Elsewhere 23: Tanja Silvestrini and Brigitte Dätwyler

TOGETHER ELSEWHERE is a monthly performance series organized by PAB - Performance Art Bergen and PANCH - Performance Art Network Switzerland and streamed live online by the Mediathek of the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (FHNW), Basel. In this performance art project, two artists, one from PAB, the other from PANCH, perform at the same time with the same materials and in a similar space, but in different locations.

GRWM - getting ready with me - is a popular format on social media. In this performance, Tanja and I simultaneously get ready to perform: we get up, have a coffee, get dressed, put on some makeup and then perform together. While we are preparing ourselves we talk about our perspectives on performative work and the invisible work behind it, e.g. our efforts to make it look easy and the validation of these skills. We talk about being on and off stage, about visibility and our eagerness to be seen. Finally we are ready and start performing for the camera.

Watch the video performance here.