Jumbo Royal - naked!

Performances at theatre Roxy, Birsfelden and at Tojo-theatre, Bern
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JUMBO ROYAL – naked! is a coproduction of the visual artists Aregger, Dätwyler and Janouschek with the theatre artists Brüderlin and Schwald. By the subject of circus, it deals with the question about the frontier between performance-art and theatre performance.
Which artist will suceed best in unfolding his talent and pushing himself to the fore? Directed by the queen of entertainment, a huge popcorn, the performers try to get the audience's attention with the aid of show-acts, embarrassments and aggressions. In the process it gets clearer and clearer, that everyone of them is exchangeable: Their talents are mainly based on the will to showmanship.


From and with:
Mirjam Aregger (performance, costumes)
Boris Brüderlin (performance, finances, production)
Brigitte Dätwyler (performance, conception stage/costumes/light/sound, production)
Tatjana Janouschek (performance, costumes)
Marcel Schwald (performance, communication, production)

Pius Föhn, actor
Diana Gadish, choreographer
Mateo Kreienbühl, actor

Jumbo royal sign: Andy Storchenegger
Light: David Buser
Sandro Corbat
Donata Ettlin