Learning from Lucerne

interactive lecture performance

On the occasion of the anniversary of Lucerne University of the Arts, I was invited to do a performance. In total, 9 positions of former students will be shown in the Kunstmuseum Lucerne over the course of one year, including 2 performances.
I took this invitation as an opportunity to reflect on my development, which I have made in relation to my artistic attitude since I came to Lucerne in 2000 for the preparatory course. 17 years later I am a freelance artist and lecturer at an art college. In these societal roles, I consider it central to constantly reflect on what I am actually doing with what purpose.

Learning From Lucerne is therefore on the one hand a speech and a reflection on meaningfulness and demands on one's own actions, on the other hand a call to thank the basis of this action, namely the audience, the absent and the unsuccessful. Together with the audience, I had a temporary memorial erected for them, a love huddle: for a minute, the attendees were invited to commemorate the non-present in a heartfelt embrace.