Request: Event Score

2 computers, internet, projectors, spots, webcam, large bowl with event scores on paper, five envelopes, water, apples, pencils, tape
admissionhotel: performersmuseum: audiencewelcomeplease stand into the lighti like performance because it's socialmotivation: idealismwho will help us?first score gets fished out of the bowldrawing matches to define the performerpreparation for score 1ben vautier 1963: drinklistening to score 2preparation for score 2ken friedman 1968: hommage to Christoterms of motivationhold up your hand to votepollpoll: moneyvotersmoney: go to the bowl, take a score and unfold itread it and fold it againgo to a person you don't know, shake handsexchange your score, tell your name, your profession and your salarybyewatch your broadcastview on the hotel from the museum


For the event «Kulturnacht 2011» Brüderlin and Dätwyler elaborated a performance looking into the question as to what constitutes an event. They refer to Fluxus art, which - because of its accessability - can be mediated even to an art deprived audience of passers by.
The medium of Request: Event Score is is a browserapplication allowing its users to stream live broadcasts. It's mainly used to transmit strategy games from Asia or eventless broadcasts from private homes. In this performance, both the audience and the performers have their own TV-shows, which are viewable from outside over the internet.

Audience and performers are not present at the same location and are watching the respectively other channel via internet and projection. The audience in Langenthal was standing in the museum while both performers were located in nearby hotel Bären, which is situated right across the street and to which exists intervisibility to and from the museum.
By streaming one's own and downloading the other's broadcast there are delays in the connection emphasizing aspects of synchronicities and asynchronisms.