Secret Artist

Performance Art collaborations with buyers
online only

Secret Artist plays with the social expectations that were placed on citizens during the shutdown in Spring 2020. Social media and newspapers advertised slowness, bread was baked at home and vegetables were grown on the balcony. Online yoga and forest bathing became popular. Even in this situation one should be productive and contribute to society by performing these activities. Although our society usually has no place for such things and they therefore are not really trained. Where do you get the skills to participate? 
Performance art has always focused on everyday processes, is familiar with rituals and body awareness - it is therefore of great service in these difficult times. Thanks to all the cancellations, the artist has a free calendar and thus free time. She can show buyers how to grow vegetables and bake bread and does it live together with them - although geographically separated. The artists provides all materials needed in order to realise the piece by using postal services. After completing one of the workshop performances, the buyers are allowed to share their experiences e.g. post on social media and let the world know that they are fine and productive.

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