Sicht auf das Original

Performance at Museum for Contemporary Art, Basel: Projector, laptop, turntable, mixing desk, 2 active speakers, 2 spots, stand with signs, photographs and flyer
YouTube Mock-upIntroductionPreparationHow to go into a PerformanceBe determined to go through with itWarm your body upWhat to wearBe dressed for the partTry to make the people feel embarassed!ExhaustionThe end

Sicht auf das Original is a performance instruction based on YouTube tutorials. In those tutorials experts explain specific actions in videoperformances and in a way, that allows the users to reenact themselves what they watched. This performance tutorial is focused on body art, because it can be understood both as a thematic and art historical starting point of performance art. To establish the performance within the context of YouTube, the projection shows the live transmitted and recorded webcam images in a mock-up.

The application accesses the built in webcam of the computer and displays the captured images in a mock-up of a browser with an openend YouTube window. It can be timed and has been set to 13'. The red YouTube bar at the lower edge of the image indicates just how much time already elapsed. If it reaches the right image border, the performance ends. The application then starts displaying the camera images beforehand transmitted live on to the screen and saved to the hard drive in the background. What could be seen just now is repeated with music.

From and with: Brigitte Dätwyler (concept, production, performance) / Boris Brüderlin (concept, performance)
Programming: Johnny Nia
Music: And One "Love Is A Drug Abuser"