Timeless Elegance And Luxury Full Of Beauty

Joint venture with Bulgari Zurich

In consequence of an invitation to perform at the Guild for Artists located at the Cabaret Voltaire during Manifesta11, I invited the managing director of Bulgari Zurich, Mister Claudio Quattrini, to work with me in a joint venture performance.
During Manifesta11 by default all artworks are produced in collaboration with other fields of work. Additionally, the Guild of Artsits is only open to whomever performs and therewith becomes a member. 

I decided to bring some glitz and glamour to the guildhall. After a short introduction by me, Mister Quattrini presented the brand he is working for, while I had the experience of wearing diamond jewelry. Afterwards there was a short round of Q&A where he discussed with the audience the origins of diamonds and the project "save the children", an NGO Bulgari supports.

The title of this performance is a slogan used by the luxury brand. It also seems to be an ideal description of an artwork.